Community Issues

This section will list the community issues and actions as they emerge during consultations.   As the consultations progress, we will have clearer information about issues that concern you about Heacham

However, in the meantime, these are some of the issues the Parish Council have received comments/complaints on in the past.

Community Buildings & Services

Currently the Parish Council runs its services for Heacham from three separate building (two rented, one owned).  In April 2018 a consultation was undertaken by the Parish Council to seek residents support for consolidating these into one central, easily accessible building on the Old Dairy Site on the corner of High Street/Pound Lane.  This will be designed to provide a core asset for the Village and offer residents a flexible one-stop community hub for information and services.

The consultation sought views on two possible options:

  • Demolish the existing premises and build a one-storey facility further into the site (ie. not on the same footprint as the current building), which would providine space for car parking to the front with access from the High Street.


  • Retain and redesign the existing two-storey Old Dairy premises with one-storey extension to the rear and High Street sides.  This would maintain the High Street scene and providing car parking behind the building with access from Pound Lane.

A total of 593 votes were cast (a 26% return), the majority of which were in favour of retention of the existing building (388 to retain, 196 to demolish).

The result of this consultation will be used as evidence as policies for the Neighbourhood Plan are drafted, particularly in relation to the style and type of buildings in any new developments within the village.


We are unable to stop further development in the village, but how would you like to see this development managed, in terms of sites, size and design of buildings?

Come along to the Consultation Day on Saturday 7th July and let us have your views

Public Transport

What are your views on public transport provision in the village?


What do you think are the key issues Heacham faces with relation to infrastructure (roads/traffic, power, communications, water/sewage, waste etc)?


Issues relating use of energy, and how we can improve/reduce this


Issues relating to access – buildings, pedestrian footways and cycle ways

Community Spirit

How can Heacham build healthy community spirit and sustainability

Open Spaces

How can we increase/improve the open spaces within the village?

Any Other Issues?

Please tell us if you have other issues not mentioned so far, that will concern the Heacham over the coming 20 years.

Local Employment

What are the issues facing our residents in relation to the availability, or lack of, local employment?

Flooding – village & coastal

What do you think Heacham will need in order to manage issues relating to flood prevention/protection over the coming years