Draft policies

The Heacham Neighbourhood Plan Residents Questionnaire was distributed in November 2017.  A total of 518 completed forms were returned, just over 19% of those delivered.  The key issues identified were published in the February edition of the Newsletter.

Based on findings from responses to the questionnaire, and from the previous consultation events held in the village the following ‘key’ issues were consistently raised by the community as areas where the Neighbourhood Plan could provide important influence in delivering social-economic benefits to the village.

Community Issues

  • The need for various types of smaller homes, for rent, shared ownership or suitable for first-time buyers, that are affordable to local, younger people on average incomes
  • Maintain Heacham’s village status, in particular retaining clear space between Heacham and Hunstanton and other neighbouring parishes
  • Severely restricting the numbers of second homes/holiday homes to maintain the vibrancy of the community
  • Improving the infrastructure provision in the area
  • Encouraging local businesses to the area
  • Improving main road junctions in and out of the village and addressing traffic speed and pedestrian safety throughout the village
  • The importance of preserving and enhancing our natural environment, including protection of ancient woodland and local wildlife habitats

These issues can only realistically be addressed through the planning and development process. The Neighbourhood Planning Group have now drafted Policies which will enable us to guide, influence, shape and help manage future development proposals.

We would welcome your comments, which you can leave using the ‘Contact’ tab.

The draft policies can be seen here: