Get Involved

The Neighbourhood Planning Group would like as many people as possible to stay up to date with the Neighbourhood Planning process by coming to events, offering their views, reading posters and the Heacham Newsletter and by visiting the website frequently.  From doing those things, a group of informed people will gradually build, and a wealth of opinion will be available to inform the Neighbourhood Planning Group about what needs to be in the Plan.  Tell your friends and neighbours what you know, and help them to join in as well.

We are looking for five or six people to be part of the Neighbourhood Planning Group, so if you are interested in becoming involved please say so on the comment section below.  The Neighbourhood Planning Group is going to need all the help and enthusiasm we can get!

Volunteers may be asked to help with delivering questionnaires, offering rides to people who have difficulty getting to events and other tasks the Neighbourhood Planning Group might need to have done.