Proposed Development Sites – Heacham

The Borough Council’s emerging Local Plan review requires Heacham to identify sites for an additional 60-70 new dwellings over the period to 2036, and in November 2016 a call for sites was issued to local landowners.

Of the sites put forward, 16 are currently being assessed by the Borough under the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessments (HELAAs). These are key evidence documents which support the preparation of Local Plans.  Their purpose is to:

  • To establish how much suitable development land there is in an area
  • To test if this land could be developed
  • Help local planning authorities to understand the level of growth they can plan for
  • Identify areas where growth can be accommodated

However, HELAAs are not policy documents and do not determine if land should be allocated for development, or whether planning permission should be granted.

The aim of this consultation event was to seek community views on the preferred location and size of any future developments.

The following sheets provide detail of the sites put forward, their location and size, the developer’s proposal for them, and the comments of the Neighbourhood Planning group who have visited each of them.

Location of all potential development sites
Site H187 – Land at Heacham (Land off Cheney Hill)
Site H186 – Land at Heacham (Land off Cheney Hill)
Site H185 – Land to the east of School Road Heacham
Site H184 – Land to the east of Hunstanton Road and west of A149
Site H183 – Land between School Road and the A149 Heacham
Site H181 – Land to the west of School Road Heacham
Site H180 – Land off School Road to south of Heacham
Site H179 – Land to Rear of 45 Broadway, Heacham
Site H178 – Land to south of Heacham Manor Hotel
Site H177 – Land to north of Heacham Manor Hotel
Site H175 – Land comprising two fields on south side of village off School Road
Site H174 – Land at Mount Pleasant, Heacham
Site H173 – Land off Hunstanton Road, Heacham
Site H172 – Land east of School Road/west of A149
Site H171 – Land east of School Road/west of A149
Site H170 – Land on west side of Lynn Road, Heacham