Statutory Reports

In making a Neighbourhood Plan we are required to pay special attention to wildlife, environmental and heritage sites within the parish, making certain that nothing proposed in the Plan can jeopardise or cause damage to any of these sites in any way.

Please check each of the pages within this section where we will show these documents as they become available.

Strategic Environmental and Habitats Regulations Assessments

During January and February 2020 the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk undertook a screening report of the requirements for a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and a Habitats Regulation Assessment (HRA) for the emerging Heacham Neighbourhood Plan.

The Borough Council prepared a preliminary screening opinion before undertaking consultation with the statutory bodies; the Environment Agency, Historic England and Natural England.

After careful consideration of the responses received from the statutory bodies the screening report concluded that the Heacham Neighbourhood Plan does not require either a Strategic Environmental Assessment nor a Habitats Regulation Assessment.

The full screening report can be found here BCKWLN screening report SEA & HRA for the emerging Heacham NP

Sustainability Statement

Heacham Parish Council is not required to undertake a full Sustainability Appraisal during the course of the Neighbourhood Planning process.

However, our Plan must abide by best sustainability practice as laid down in The UK Sustainable Development Strategy.  We have therefore set out a Sustainability Statement, within the terms of which our Plan will be written.

Read our Sustainability Statement here.